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Development with VMware: part 2 (Rails)

After a quick start with the rPath LAMP appliance last week. I set off to find a simple Rails setup for development and testing. I was unable to find any up to date pre-built image that supported rails so I

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VMware Player for Simplified Development Environment Setup

I found myself needing to get a decent development environment set up at home and figured I’d take a look at setting up a few Virtual Machines as I’ve played with them a tad in the past and figure they

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Exciting News

I have accepted a position with Ext JS and will be a member of the core team. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to work with the amazing team that has put this framework together. As for Ext.nd,

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Simpsons Avatar

If you didn’t notice from Nathan, Steve, Tim, or the guy that started it.. vowe. You can make a Simpson’s avatar on the site for the new movie.

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Safari on Windows

Announced today is the first beta release of Safari for Windows. Grab a copy from apple’s site here. They claim it is faster than all of the other leading browsers, though I’d wait for some external testing before believing their

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