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Woah, an update?

Things got sorta crazy for me (and Jack) over the past few months, as you can see one of the first things to go when I don’t have time tends to be this blog… Hopefully things settle down here some

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Ext & Google Maps

A colleague of mine, Shea Frederick, whipped up a really nice example integration of the Google Maps API and Ext JS. I had the chance to look at the demo a while back when there were some minor rendering issues,

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Ext and Aptana Jaxer

I’m not one to normally do frivolous things like blog about blogging, but I spent a good deal of time playing around with Jaxer and wrote up an article on the Ext Blog. The article covers integrating an Ext Data

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Ext 2.0.2 Released

Yesterday marks the latest and probably final Ext release before 2.1. Latest releases are always available via As usual there are quite a few bug fixes, and some nice refactorization. This release also includes a whole bunch of new

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Ext TAE Boston Examples and Slides

Most of the time was spent going through the example code and several other examples, but I figured I’d post the slides up in case anyone was interested. TAE Boston Slides Also, I quickly rounded up the example code I

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