Lotusphere 08

As many others have been posting, I have received word back about the proposals sent in for Lotusphere presentations next January. While I did get a couple “sorry, we weren’t able to fit you in” responses, I also got word that one was accepted!

Jack Ratcliff
and I will be presenting “From IBM Lotus Notes Client Application to Ajax-Powered Rich Internet Application in Less than 10 Lines of Code!” in the Best Practices track (BP207). The presentation will be an introductory to Ext.nd and will walk through how to implement many of its features. The abstract is available over on the Lotusphere session details site.

Lotusphere 2008

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2 comments on “Lotusphere 08
  1. Herbert van Vliet says:

    Since I won’t be attending Lotusphere, couldn’t you just paste the 10 lines here? ;-)

  2. Kary Forth says:

    Do you have the presentation available. I can’t read 1/3 of the notes I wrote in your session. Excellent stuff, by the way!