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I fully understand the idea behind the rel=”nofollow” attribute on links to try and prevent comment spammers from actually gaining any search engine ground. Does it really make sense for your normal readers who leave relevant comments on your site? I don’t believe so.

I’ve installed a new plugin called DoFollow which gets rid of the nofollow tag on links within post comments. The plugin actually allows you to configure a number of days to wait on new comments to remove the nofollow tag if you so wish. I’ve left mine at 0 since I tend to keep up on eliminating spam pretty aggressively.

This has become sort of a movement among many blogs to try and increase reader interactivity. Designer Randa Clay came up with some basic logos to use so that your readers can be informed that their links will be a little more valuable.

U Comment, I Follow

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8 comments on “No more nofollow
  1. Randa Clay says:

    Thanks for the mention. I love your site design – very nice!

  2. Nietzsche says:

    hmm… maybe I should also try using the DoFollow

  3. Brett Evans says:

    Have you noticed any increase in comments on your site. I have been thinking about using this plugin and was wondering are people more willing to participate in your post since you have had it installed?

  4. Rich Waters says:

    I think it will increase comments on the site. I really have had a lack of time and haven’t been posting much lately though.

  5. Very attractive site — thx for the info on no-follow.

  6. w3ec says:

    Hi, just dropping by to say hello and telling you that your site is featured in the DoFollow blogs search engine!


  7. kslye says:

    Does anyone know if this link love will be counted as technorati authority?

    Appreciate any feedback. Thanks, this is a good site.

  8. Onvyder says:

    If you can eliminate spamming bots’ posts then following might be a good form of making people comment on pages. If you are not able to deal with spammers then you might get hurt.

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