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No more nofollow

I fully understand the idea behind the rel=”nofollow” attribute on links to try and prevent comment spammers from actually gaining any search engine ground. Does it really make sense for your normal readers who leave relevant comments on your site?

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A List Apart Survey

The folks over at A List Apart have put together a survey for web developers and designers. If you’re not familiar, this site is run by some big names including Eric Meyer, Jeffery Zeldman, and Jason Santa Maria. These guys

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Taking Notes Episode 59 Released!

I can tell you’re all excited to finally hear me speak so here’s your opportunity. Taking Notes Episode 59. Thanks again to “The effervescent” Julian and Bruce for a great show.

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Ext.nd on Taking Notes

I had a chance (along with a bunch of others from the Ext.nd group) to talk with Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux for Episode 59 of Taking Notes. They dedicated the whole episode to Javascript frameworks in Domino and spent

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WordPress Plugins

I have boasted about some of the plugins I run to several friends and coworkers who also have been using WordPress. I figured a quick post to just mention them and what they do would be in order. Akismit –

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